Posted on 3 Feb 2015

The Homosexuals’ Pope

Pope Francis’ meeting with homosexual activist Fr. De Paolis

On May 6, 2014, Francis received the 93 year-old priest who has cofounded the homosexualist activist organization, Agedo Foggia, that is opposed to Catholic Church teaching. Fr. De Paolis, a prominent agitator in Italy against the Church’s teachings on homosexuality, concelebrated mass with the pope.

Life Site news reports that de Paolis is a well-known figure in Italy as a leading clerical apologist for the homosexualist ideology. One Catholic writer, Giuseppe Nardi, wrote that de Paolis is a promoter of the “anarcho-Catholicism” of the extreme left that has been dominant in the Church in Italy, as well as in the South American Church, since the 1970s.

Tradition in Action reports: The acronym NOH8 – artificially stamped on Francis’ cheek – stands for "No to Hate 8," which was a protest against Proposition 8 in California.

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